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Westar Plastics LLC  Home of the Pool Netr is located in the Northwest corner of Ohio. 

The idea for Pool Netr started as a dream about seven years ago. Steve and Kerri Goltare, longtime pool owners, have always wondered why their pool nets never lasted. Frames would break, nylon netting would frequently tear, and each season they would have to replace these inexpensive nets, sometimes more than once a season. Steve kept thinking about building a better swimming pool net, a quality, American-made skimmer -- and it was a dream he couldn't ignore.

Our daughter Hayley holding one of the many colors of the Pool Netr. 

Our daughter Hayley holding one of the many colors of the Pool Netr. 

Over and over he tested designs and ideas until he arrived at what we have today: three distinct lines under one brand - Pool Netr™.

The pool netr and the spa netr are uniquely-designed nets with an oval screen made of stainless-steel, and with a quality, durable frame that's made of "no-break" plastic resin. The leaf netr uses that same tough plastic, but it's designed with homeowner's and service industry pros alike, as it features a 100% polyester removable net (for our main model, and a 92% polyester, 8% nylon net for our silt model). These nets are perfect for those bottom of the pool jobs, when only the best skimmer is required, and they fit most standard poles.

Our skimmers hold up to extreme wear and tear, they can be used with freshwater or saltwater pools, and you won't see the sun or chemicals breaking down the net as you do with many products on the market. 

Why that shape? For Steve, it initially just seemed like a shape that he hadn't seen on the market since he was a youngster. With it's curved, smooth edges, it certainly could grab debris along the edges of the pool, and it is "kid proof." (Disclaimer: the frame, that's it. Nothing can stop kids from running skimmers into posts and poles and other sharp objects!) Our new leaf netr has a flat edge that's great for scooping debris into its deeper net. This strong frame holds up to heavy wear, and it includes a 3-year limited warranty. We've tested the screens by dropping bowling balls on them, and they are strong! We just finished testing the leaf netr net by having a 100 lb. and 200 lb. person stand all the way inside the net. The nets worked perfectly and were not damaged at all!

At Westar Plastics , we have designed a high-quality, long-lasting swimming pool and spa nets that will take care of your pool needs for years to come, and people all over the world will be using our nets and seeing how this definitely is a dream realized! 


In business since 1996, we've had an excellent reputation in the Injection molding sector and the original Pool Netr our first entry into the residential and commercial pool supplies market. The Pool Netr is our brand name, and we sell products under the line names of pool netr, spa netr, and leaf netr. Our products are unique and manufactured to last for years of use. Westar Plastics, LLC is an ISO 9001 Certified company.



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