Our pool and spa nets are different!

We manufacture our spa nets and pool leaf rakes and skimmers with automotive-grade, no-break plastic resin frames and with tough stainless-steel screens. Add in our unique design and shape, and include a 3Lifetime warranty on the frame, and you'll see why there are no other swimming pool accessories and spa accessories like these on the market. 

Leaf Netr, utilizes that same tough frames, and features a replaceable polyester net that's made for homeowners and professionals alike. When you're looking for the best pool supplies and you are tired of replacing that broken pool skimmer - give us a try.


How strong are our leaf rakes and nets? Kim is standing inside our leaf netr, and she's about 100 lbs. Steve (on the right) is about 200 lbs., and is also standing in the leaf netr. These nets are built to last and can take constant wear. 

Our team includes Steve Goltare, President and Benjamin Riehle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing