Many New Social Media Sites Added Today (and other details)

It's been a great, busy day! The Pool Netr now has established itself at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest! We are live (look for the icons to those at the top of each page and be sure to follow/join/add us)!

We also have established an easy to use interface for processing credit card transactions (Stripe), and we set up Hootsuite to manage all of our social media conversations! Busy, busy, busy!

News: Today, we also realized that we are going to have two (2)! options for our Pool Netr! Our normal product will have a black frame with aluminum netting (silver), and the new product will have the black frame and stainless-steel netting, with black coloring. It's going to look sleek and sharp!

So, in one day, we just doubled our product line!

The website has active maps now, and we now are accepting names for our mailing list and pre-orders for the Pool Netr! Yes! That process has been automated and is looking great, and you can begin to ask us questions now via that interface. Next up, we're finishing up the details for our credit card processor and we're streamlining our shipping interface. 

Within 3 weeks, you'll be able to order our products 24/7, from anywhere in the world. You'll be able to pay online, have your transaction authorized, which then will trigger processing, and shipping will take place within 24 hours. The entire process is going to run so smooth for me (and for us!) We are all excited to begin shipping our Pool Netr products all over the world!