How Strong Are Our Leaf Netr™ Nets?

We did a little experiment. We brought out the forklift, balanced a Leaf Netr™ between the forks, and Kim stepped in one net. She's about 100 lbs, and it held her just fine. Nothing tore, nothing pulled out of the frame. Then Steve, who's about 200 lbs. did the same thing. We got the same result: no rips or tears, nothing pulling out of the frame.

Try doing this test with nets you see at Wal-Mart or your local pool supply store. Try this with all of the usual nylon nets and we're betting if you do, you'll soon find yourself wanting a Leaf Netr™!

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Vanilla Ice Should Be Using a Pool Netr™ for his Beautiful Pool & Spa!

We posted this over at Twitter yesterday and we saw that Vanilla Ice re-tweeted our post and added us! He'd be perfect for trying out one of our new SEAFOAM GREEN or SWIMMING POOL BLUE Netr's™. His builder, Van Kirk & Sons has one on the way as well!

He's into Season 5 of his Vanilla Ice Project over at the DIY Network. Can't remember how you remember him? This might help!

This young kid is going to be on our Pool Netr tags.

We have specialized tags coming next week that we'll be attaching to our Pool Netr's. He's the star! We'll be attaching the tags with anchor mounts (manufactured by us!) that will attractively display our product in stores. Everything will look great!

Our New Logo, Just Created.

I've been playing with logo ideas for the last week, and we needed something bold and memorable. This popped into my head one way, and here it is. Ah, inspiration.

One of the first Pool Netr's coming off the press. Here it is!

Alex is showing us one of the first nets to roll off the line. Look at that cool shape! Sleek and awesome-looking!