Our Pool, Spa and Leaf nets are different!

We manufacture our Pool, Spa and Leaf Nets with a no-break plastic resin frames and with a tough stainless-steel screens for our Pool and Spa. For our Leaf Netr we use a strong Polyester net that comes in a standard or a fine mesh net. Add in our unique design and shape, and include a Lifetime warranty on the frame, and you'll see why there are no other swimming pool accessories and spa accessories like these on the market.


Pool Netr™

 The Pool Netr™ is our original, signature swimming pool net. The durable frame is made from no-break plastic resin, and the net is made of strong stainless-steel screen. These pool skimmers are made American tough. They are made for wear and tear, and should be the last skimmer you will ever need.

The Pool Netr™ is available in Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. 




Spa Netr™

 The Spa Netr™ skimmers were just recently released. At the many industry and Home & Garden shows we attended, we were always asked when we'd have a smaller version for spas. This is it! It's lightweight but made with the same no-break plastic resin, and it features the same high-quality stainless-steel screen. It's the perfect handheld skimmer for hot tubs, spas and can be used lounging around in the swimming pool.

The Spa Netr™ is available in Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink.



Leaf Netr™

 The Leaf Netr ™ skimmer, unlike others on the market, stands up to constant wear and hard use. The durable frame is made from a no-break plastic resin we use on our other lines, but this version has a removable, strong polyester net that's easy to change out to either a standard or fine mesh net. Easily zip out the 12 screws and your ready to go. Whether you're a service pro cleaning 1,000 pools or a homeowner with just one - this should be the last deep net skimmer you'll need to buy. Guaranteed!

The Leaf Netr™ is available in Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink.


Leaf Netr Pro™ is a commercially based leaf rake for the pool industry. This will be sold directly to the professional service techs. Leaf Netr Pro™ dimensions is 20 inches x 18 inches x 1 inch thick, with a 20 inch deep bag. The Leaf Netr Pro™ will be available with two net options: a finer mesh which is designed for scooping out sand and smaller debris, and a combination standard mesh with a secondary wear panel which protects the unit from abrasion damage.