The Bowling Ball Test: Dropping a 16lb. Bowling Ball on the Netr™ from 9.5'!

Last Friday, we took some video of our Plant Manager, Dave, Weirich, standing on the top of a tall ladder and dropping a 16-pound bowling ball onto our net from about 9.5 feet high. This same net had already been pounded with the 6' tests multiple times. It slightly tore on the edge of the 2 x 4 it was resting on, so we're going to film this again soon with a new net and show that our pool skimmer is definitely up for the height challenge and shouldn't tear at all, due to the strength of the stainless-steel mesh netting. 

Even when it does tear (which takes a lot) it still works perfectly and does not tear along the frame edges. Made in the USA, and made to last!

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