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The Pool Netr Is Being Used in South Australia!

These pictures turned out fantastic, and we're so happy our friend allowed us to share them with you. They were shot in South Australia, and our friend, Dunken Bliths, is using our original Pool Netr.

Click on the picture above to scroll through other images.

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More Interesting Swimming Pool Blogs

As we roll into 2015, here's another look at some more interesting blogs focusing on swimming pool owners, swimming pool associations, pool construction, the industry, and the personalities.

National Swimming Pool FoundationWe believe everything we do helps people live healthier lives. We believe we can make a difference by encouraging more aquatic activity, making pools safer and keeping them open. We do this by offering products and programs that are technically sound, convenient, and beautifully designed.  We just happen to sell books, training programs, online courses, and organize conferences.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, proceeds go to fund research and to help create swimmers.

Hayward Poolside Blog - It focuses mainly on Hayward products and some articles on the pool owners' lifestyle.

Swim University - The Ultimate Guide to Pool & Hot Tub Care - Matt Giovanisci founded SwimUniversity.com , where consumers can learn all about pool and spa care through blog posts, e-books, infographics and yes, the occasional music video. Topics range from landscaping to robotic cleaners. He relies on his 17 years of industry knowledge to upload information almost daily.

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Outdoor Living - Winter 2015 Edition - Volume 6

Funny, minutes after writing our last blog post, I see that we, indeed, are in the Winter edition of Outdoor Living Magazine! It's a nice write-up for us under their Cool Stuff page! We love to see this and we're very thankful to Outdoor Living for being included in such esteemed company. Seeing this was a nice way to end 2014. 

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Weekly Roundup of Interesting Swimming Pool Blogs and How-To Articles

Each week, we will take a look at interesting blogs and articles that show some of the most interesting pool and spa designs and have some great How-To advice for pool owners. 


SwimmingPool.com - The Ultimate Swimming Pool Resource

HealthyPools.org - Helping you and your family stay healthy while swimming

Poolcenter.com - Community.  With over 20,000 posts and 5,000 registered users - our POOL TALK lays claim to being the largest pool discussion group, covering all topics around operating a swimming pool. Join our pool owners, pool techs, lifeguards and anyone trying to figure out how to fix and maintain a backyard pool. Browse and read, or sign up and post your own pool questions

Everything You Need to Know Before Installing an Above-Ground Pool by BobVila.com

Top Trends in Pool and Spa Design by Kimberlee Courtney

Swimming Pools 101: Plan Now For Next Summer by Mark Boone, via Zillow

5,885 Modern Pool Design Photos via Houzz

20 Tips to Know Before You Buy a Swimming Pool via Pool & Spa Outdoor


That's it for this week! More tips and links coming your way next week!



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Protect Your Pool Over the Cold Winter Season

Getting Your Pool Ready for Winter: Advice From SwimmingPool.com

As cold weather approaches, you will want to start thinking about winterizing the swimming pool. The main purpose in winterizing your swimming pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing water. Another reason to close the pool correctly is to keep it as clean as possible for the next season. Closing your swim pool properly can save you a lot of work when it comes time to open the swimming pool for the summer. Here are a few steps to follow that will make your pool as safe as possible for the winter and low maintenance to open when warm weather returns in the spring.

Read the full story here:

Do you have some winterizing questions you need answered? Maybe we can help! Longtime swimming pool owners Steve and Kerri Goltare (owners of the Pool Netr™) have years of experience with closing up pools each season, and they can help! Visit our FORUM and post your questions!

Getting your pool ready for the cold months ahead: winterizing.

Getting your pool ready for the cold months ahead: winterizing.

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