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Operation Build: An Interesting Show to Watch!

“Operation Build”is a half hour television series that travels all over the country and around the world discovering great home improvement concepts in renovations, remodels, and do-it-yourself projects. Part History… Part Reality… Part Building Technology,… each episode has a project objective where our host &“GM”, Alexi Panos, is tasked to complete while being under a severe renovation deadline.

Aside from the project at hand, she will be dealing with all the unexpected twists and turns and all the drama of the homeowner’s need to complete the project on time. Each week Alexi will select her building team to help her pick up the pieces and to rebuild after a disaster such as a fire or flood, or,… come to the rescue on a remodel gone wrong! Alexi will make sure the Operation Build team gets the job done all while taking the audience through amazing building adventures, room by room transformations, and turning extreme situations, into extraordinary results. 

Through education, empowerment, and real life entertainment, the series will provide great solutions to Build Better, Build Smarter, and to Build Strong Foundations that Will Make a Difference and Impact People’s Lives”.  

I won't tell you yet WHY you should watch this show, but stay tuned here for reasons why...



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