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The Pool Netr Is Being Used in South Australia!

These pictures turned out fantastic, and we're so happy our friend allowed us to share them with you. They were shot in South Australia, and our friend, Dunken Bliths, is using our original Pool Netr.

Click on the picture above to scroll through other images.

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The Bowling Ball Test: Dropping a 16lb. Bowling Ball on the Netr™ from 9.5'!

Last Friday, we took some video of our Plant Manager, Dave, Weirich, standing on the top of a tall ladder and dropping a 16-pound bowling ball onto our net from about 9.5 feet high. This same net had already been pounded with the 6' tests multiple times. It slightly tore on the edge of the 2 x 4 it was resting on, so we're going to film this again soon with a new net and show that our pool skimmer is definitely up for the height challenge and shouldn't tear at all, due to the strength of the stainless-steel mesh netting. 

Even when it does tear (which takes a lot) it still works perfectly and does not tear along the frame edges. Made in the USA, and made to last!

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Outdoor Living - Winter 2015 Edition - Volume 6

Funny, minutes after writing our last blog post, I see that we, indeed, are in the Winter edition of Outdoor Living Magazine! It's a nice write-up for us under their Cool Stuff page! We love to see this and we're very thankful to Outdoor Living for being included in such esteemed company. Seeing this was a nice way to end 2014. 

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Perfect Last Minute Christmas Ideas - Our Pool Netr's!

Looking for a last minute Christmas idea for the pool or spa lover in your life? Look no further! Our Pool Netr™ comes in four colors - Arctic White, Midnight Black, Swimming Pool Blue, and Seafoam Green and each is only $29.95! (That includes free UPS Ground shipping, up until December 24th!) Call today to place your order -- or order easily online!

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Our stainless-steel screens are powerful with cleaning!

I talked with many store owners and pool service professionals at the PSP Expo in Orlando, and I let them know that our stainless-steel screens were powerful when it came to picking up even the tiniest gnats and detriment in pools. These pictures show what we pulled out of our plant water tank in a single day. We shot these this morning. Very, very small insects and debris were picked up with ease --- that's how well the pool netr's do at cleaning!

If you have tough pool cleaning jobs and need a net that will always be reliable and that will always take on the tough jobs - we've got you covered with all of our nets!


(click on the picture to see two other close-up images as well...)

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Hot Off the Presses! Our new Aquamarine and Blue Pool Netrs™!

Brand new! We have created two new colors of Netrs™ - the aquamarine version and the cobalt-blue version. They're so cool and the colors are spectacular! They'll go well with any pool and with UV-protection, these colors won't fade! We're taking these to Orlando for the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo and after their debut, we'll offer them for sale on this  website!

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