Our Made In The USA Pool Leaf Rake Will Last Many Seasons

Are you getting tired of having to run out each year (sometimes twice!) to buy that pool leaf rake at the big box stores over and over again? You know you need a heavy duty pool leaf rake, but they always break on you. Maybe not right away - sometimes they do linger on, with tears in the nets, or with broken frames.

We can help with your frustration! Our pool rake and pool skimmer frames are made from "no-break" plastic resin, and our nets are made of stainless-steel. Our pool leaf rake's have replaceable nets, so when it's time to get your next pool skimmer replacement net, you'll only need to change out the net, and not throw away the whole kit-n-caboodle! If you want the best pool leaf rake - one that is made in the USA, and made to last, look no further than Pool Netr!

* While we're sure these will last many seasons, they currently have a 3-yr Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. 

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