Working on a new hanging tag design

So  we've wanted a smaller hang tag for some time, and I just created this new design. It measures about 2" x 3.5" and it will be on string around the neck of each pool netr and spa netr. It has a simple elegance, and will give our stores and dealers an extra branding opportunity. I also have a prototype of a counter top POP Display being worked on by our local box company. This box will hold 10 skimmers and will leave a compact footprint in any store that chooses to display our products using these. 

At first, we'll offer these high-quality cardboard versions as an incentive, giving away one with each ten purchased. Later, we'll be working on a metal version (our top incentive, for larger orders places) that will look a bit like a guitar stand (but cooler). As always, lots going on in the Marketing Dept. at Pool Netr!

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