Our Made In The USA Pool Leaf Rake Will Last Many Seasons

Are you getting tired of having to run out each year (sometimes twice!) to buy that pool leaf rake at the big box stores over and over again? You know you need a heavy duty pool leaf rake, but they always break on you. Maybe not right away - sometimes they do linger on, with tears in the nets, or with broken frames.

We can help with your frustration! Our pool rake and pool skimmer frames are made from "no-break" plastic resin, and our nets are made of stainless-steel. Our pool leaf rake's have replaceable nets, so when it's time to get your next pool skimmer replacement net, you'll only need to change out the net, and not throw away the whole kit-n-caboodle! If you want the best pool leaf rake - one that is made in the USA, and made to last, look no further than Pool Netr!

* While we're sure these will last many seasons, they currently have a 3-yr Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. 

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In New Orleans This November? We'll See You There!

On November 2-4, we'll be at the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana. We'll post our booth number when we know. Until then, laissez les bon temps rouler (a famous New Orleans phrase for "Let The Good Times Roll!")

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center is in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. The lower end of building one is located 1,640 feet upriver from Canal Street on the banks of the Mississippi River.

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After using Our Nets, Your Pool Should Look Like This

There's nothing better than a pristine, clean pool or spa. To help you get there, we now have three distinct lines: the pool netr is a surface skimmer, that will help remove larger debris like twigs and leaves, the leaf netr will help you with all of the debris and build-up on the bottom of your pool (it comes in two versions, our standard version, and a version for silt and sand), and for your hot tub or spa, we have the spa netr. It's a handheld net that you can use without ever having to leave the warmth of your tub or spa. Whichever products you use, you'll have peace of mind knowing that our nets are made with "no break" plastic resin, and feature a three-year limited warranty. 

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CC0 License | Photo by Matthew S Vaughn, Daystar Digitalhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/house-luxury-villa-swimming-pool-32870/

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A sneak peek at our new hanging tags...

We've had square tags for some time, and we started thinking -- why not have circle tags that match the shape of our pool & spa nets? Well, we designed them, and they're going to look like these! We'll be able to use them for all three of our product lines, and they will really simplify things! We'll roll them out after we exhaust our other supply of the original tags. Look for them soon! (the purple color is on the digital proof only - they'll be white on both sides, with room for barcodes on the back!

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How Strong Are Our Leaf Netr Nets?

We did a little experiment. We brought out the forklift, balanced a leaf netr between the forks, and Kim stepped in one net. She's about 100 lbs, and it held her just fine. Nothing tore, nothing pulled out of the frame. Then Steve, who's about 200 lbs. did the same thing. We got the same result: no rips or tears, nothing pulling out of the frame.

Try doing this test with nets you see at Wal-Mart or your local pool supply store. Try this with all of the usual nylon nets and we're betting if you do, you'll soon find yourself wanting a leaf netr!

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This is a special version of our spa netr in Empowering Pink!

This is a special version of our spa netr in Empowering Pink!

This pink net is all ready for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October - but also for special summer and fall events. If your local pool supply store isn't carrying this, ask them to contact us, and we'll make sure they stock these very cool skimmers!

Colors may be a bit bright in a few spots, but that's the camera's fault. Cough.

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Working on a new hanging tag design

So  we've wanted a smaller hang tag for some time, and I just created this new design. It measures about 2" x 3.5" and it will be on string around the neck of each pool netr and spa netr. It has a simple elegance, and will give our stores and dealers an extra branding opportunity. I also have a prototype of a counter top POP Display being worked on by our local box company. This box will hold 10 skimmers and will leave a compact footprint in any store that chooses to display our products using these. 

At first, we'll offer these high-quality cardboard versions as an incentive, giving away one with each ten purchased. Later, we'll be working on a metal version (our top incentive, for larger orders places) that will look a bit like a guitar stand (but cooler). As always, lots going on in the Marketing Dept. at Pool Netr!

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Upcoming Shows & Events

Novi, Michigan Home & Garden Show

Novi, Michigan Home & Garden Show

March 27 - 29, 2015, the Pool Netr™ will be at the Home & Garden Show in Novi, Michigan

April 18 - 19, 2015, we'll be at the Chicagoland Home Show in Oak Lawn, Illinois

May 7 - 9, 2015 we'll be at the Auburn Spring Car Show in Auburn, Indiana.

July 15 - 18, 2015, the Pool Netr™ will be at the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

September 2 - 6, 2015, we'll be back to Auburn for the Fall Car Show in Auburn, Indiana.

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Decatur, Indiana City Pool Is Using the Pool Netr!

We are pleased to announce that the first city pool in the USA to pick up our Pool Netr is the Decatur, Indiana City Pool! I was thrilled to meet the Director at the Fort Wayne show, and she was impressed with our skimmer. They will be using it all summer long once their season begins. We are thrilled to be working with them!

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The Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show Contest Winner

This is Angie Glick. She was our contest winner at this year's Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show. She loved our Seafoam Green pool skimmer and he daughter took this picture of us (of course, my eyes were closed right then. Arrgh!) She was a lot of fun, as were so many people at the show. We were busy as heck, but it was a great show!

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First Look at Our New Spa Netr. It's Making It's Debut Tomorrow at the Ft. Wayne Home & Garden Show!

Lightweight, sleek, made of the same high-quality materials as the Pool Netr™, our brand new product, the Spa Netr™ will be seen by 50,000 people a the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show.  Perfect for spas and hot tubs, when you need a skimmer to clean out leaves and debris. It will soon be seen on Amazon and Overstock. For now, available directly from our own website. MSRP $24.95

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We're Days Away From Showing You Our New Spa Netr™!


Before the week ends, I hope to show everyone our latest product (and our first foray into the spa and hot tub market). It's the SPA NETR™ and while it's a smaller version of the Pool Netr™, it is unique as well. It will have a contoured handle that will allow for a strong grip, and the same durable plastic resin will be used on the frame. As well, it will feature our impressively strong stainless-steel screens.

Look here for an announcement when we start putting these into production, but my guess is we're looking at this in the next few days!

The Spa Netr™ - Coming very soon!

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Dr. Seuss Kid's Fun Area at the Ft. Wayne Home & Garden Show

The 2015 kid’s area, sponsored by WLDE, is themed after Dr. Seuss and his cast of characters! Kids will be able to touch and feel unique animals, get their pictures taken as Dr. Seuss characters, watch martial arts and dance demonstrations, make their own clay pottery, learn how to make a balloon creation win Dr. Seuss themed door prizes and much more. 

We'll be at Booth #925 and while we hope you'll drop by with your family and say "hello," we also hope you'll have a great time at the show. Especially with fun to be had at the Kid's Fun Area!

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The Pool Netr Is Being Used in South Australia!

These pictures turned out fantastic, and we're so happy our friend allowed us to share them with you. They were shot in South Australia, and our friend, Dunken Bliths, is using our original Pool Netr.

Click on the picture above to scroll through other images.

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