A Typical Customer Review on Amazon (talking about most nets on the market)...

"I bought this about a month ago. I like the look, the light weight and the design. However within two weeks of daily use, the mesh screen started to come loose from the edges. It was still usable for another two weeks, but in the last few days it has just gotten worse and I am going to return it to Amazon. Something else to add is that I'm just using it for a 10 foot by 3 foot Intex pool without much debris, and the pool is covered when it is not in use. So bottom line is it was a nice product to begin with, but the weak mesh made it less than useful. For the price, I would have hoped it would have lasted one full summer season." 

We hear this so often, and this has been the experience of the owners of The Pool Netrand we see so many reviews like this on Amazon about dozens and dozens of pool nets. Many nets out there are made of inferior materials, and they're simply not made to last. The net is usually one of the first things to go - getting ripped out as the nylon netting simply has no strength and durability. Our netting is made from wire mesh, and you will not experience this problem. We guarantee it (in writing)!



Posted on June 17, 2014 .