We manufacture our pool and spa nets at our plant in Bryan, Ohio. Made American Tough.


Pool Netr™


The Pool Netr™ is our original, signature swimming pool net. The durable frame is made from no-break, plastic resin, and the net is made of strong stainless-steel. These pool skimmers are made American tough. They are made for wear and tear, and should be the last skimmer your customers need.

The Pool Netr™ is available in Midnight Black, Pool Blue, Seafoam Green, and now in Pink.




The Yacht


Have your stores carry our latest PINK Pool Netr™ and make donations to Breast Cancer Awareness research charities.





Spa Netr™


Our Spa Netr™ skimmers were just recently released. At the many industry and Home & Garden shows we attended, we were always asked when we'd have a smaller version for spas. This is it! It's lightweight but made with the same no-break plastic resin, and it features the same high-quality stainless-steel screen. It's the perfect handheld skimmer for hot tubs, spas, small ponds, fountains - even koi ponds!

The Spa Netr™ is available in Midnight Black, Seafoam Green, Pool Blue, and Pink.


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Leaf Netr™


Stores and service pros have asked us for a deep net version of our skimmers for over a year now. Now, it has finally arrived! This skimmer, unlike others on the market, stands up to constant wear and hard use. It features the same auto-grade, no-break plastic resin we use on our other lines, but this version has a removable, strong polyester net that's attached with screws to 16 pins on the frame! Whether you're a service pro cleaning 1,000 pools or a homeowner with just one - this should be the last deep net skimmer you'll need to buy. Guaranteed!

The Leaf Netr™ is available in Midnight Black, Seafoam Green, and Pool Blue.

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Our pool nets can be found throughout the world, and can be seen at these fine stores.


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